Welcome to my website! I, Bethany “Rockit” am the owner and artist here at Crimson Claw. Being able to say that has been a lifelong dream. I started making jewelry for friends in elementary school. Floss friendship bracelets became beaded necklaces then hemp with blow glass. I even did a few craft shows in my teens as “Beads by Bethany.” Creating is just a part of who I am, and I’m grateful to be sharing that with you.

Crimson Claw became a reality early in 2019. After several months hanging out with a friend in her jewelry studio in Denver, I decided I needed to build my own. I spent the New Year building a desk. My partner and I combed thrift stores and antique malls gathering tools, slowly building up my studio. His support allowed me to devote all my time to learning the craft.

The name “Crimson Claw” was inspired by a trip to the Wolf Sanctuary. I feel a strong connection to wolves. My biggest struggle in life has been learning to thrive while fighting a chronic illness. Living with Lupus has affected every aspect of my life, but I have never wanted it to define me. I loved visiting the wolves because I’m forced to recognize their beauty. I purchased a wolf claw that day, and I keep it on my desk as a reminder of the beauty in the fight. (To learn more about this part of my life, check out my blog.)

My art is fueled by the world around me; mountains, night skies, amazing motorcycle riding women, everyday adventures. I focus on ethically sourced stones and recycle my scraps in shop. My designs are fluid, evolving as they take shape. Each piece’s creation is a journey of its own. I hope you find something that inspires an adventure in you.